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“I look forward to a day when everything coming into my house is composted on the way out!”

I  grew up in a family of merchants. My maternal grandmother had her own business on 5th Avenue in their 1930’s; unheard of for a single woman of that time. She sold linens, and men’s handkerchiefs. It was a very popular store. I still have two of her linen tablecloths (linen, is a great durable, and natural fiber). My father’s family also was buying in one place, selling in another; seeing the value in the physical goods we all need and use. My parents had an antique business this showed me the value of timeless design, well crafted, durable goods. Antique must be durable, well crafted otherwise it would have fallen apart and hit the landfill years ago. 

I know growing up in the Antique’s business gave me first-hand experience in business and environmental practices. Being raised with an eye to see the value in the thing around us, definitely help me on my road to becoming a business owner and Green yes I consider my self Greenish.

How did Antiquing give me an eye for the environment….

“If it’s in the thrift store, it must be good, it’s proven the test of time.”

Up-cycling & Reusing

both are the definition of Antiquing.


rusty bucket is now an umbrella stand.


mending old textiles, applying some much-needed glue in the right places & the dreaded striping the varnish or paint off wooden furniture in need of some love.


as a kid we would restring old necklaces, make new ones from old beads of the SouthWest, mend textiles...

Before the 1950’s everything was made from 

Natural Resources! ~ Wood, Ceramics, Porcelain, Linen, Stone,

Gold, Silver, Copper, Bone…



“Everybody loves sheep, they are not endangered and by summer they really need a haircut,
no matter how much they hate it.”

I have been so lucky to make a profession out of Felting.

A career? I hope, working on it.

There are so many benefits to wool from start to finish I cannot list them all, here are a couple  

Natural Resilience

Wool is antimicrobial, antibacterial, will not absorb moisture; no mold, no bacteria, or dust mites, can grow, live or brake down the Wool fibers.


Felted Wool is crazy strong and resilient. We can use Felted-Wool daily and for years, with outwear and tear showing on the textile.  


A Sustainable Resource, Renewable, 100% Biodegradable, with a small manufacturing Footprint makes it Sustainable. 

Resistance to the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria, even in the presence of non-stop moisture: this makes Wool the perfect material for the bathroom area:
Soap Dishes, Body Scrubs or Bath Toys.

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